Installing the hands to the tower clock

Finally got the tower clock hands back from the powder coating company. Installed them this afternoon. I love these kinds of jobs!

10421982_914773781867820_1455957804673856698_n10302215_914773761867822_8465054455409136460_n 1964883_914773758534489_3148419415701746916_n 10444586_914773768534488_7827544205300532616_n   10151793_914773788534486_5023602488179272342_n All About Time Clock1558497_914773775201154_2092396119232160324_n10359536_914773765201155_8599720172855241010_n-1

This one is a four faced clock powered by a single, central motor that drives the four smaller gearboxes. I repaired this one before, back in 1983.

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