High Time

High Time! High Time!

High Time

High Time!

WOW! Does this clock bring back memories!!  I installed this tower clock in Tucson, AZ back in the mid 1980’s.  At the time, the building was a new Southwest Savings and Loan under construction, and I was commissioned to provide and install the working components for the clock. With the help of a friend, we set up scaffolding and spent the better part of a morning installing a National Time and Signal 4-way tower clock mechanism.  There is only one main drive motor centrally located inside the cube, with four drive shafts extending out to each of the faces. Access to the inside of the cube is from a hatch underneath.  The dials are illuminated from behind with neon to create an indirectly lighted face.  Really cool at night!

I was in Tucson a few weeks ago and drove past the building (now another bank) and just had to snap a few photos! I was pleasantly surprised to see it keeping good time!  If you’re ever in Tucson, check out the southwest corner of Broadway and Pantano.  Let me know if it’s still on time!

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