Thank YOU for your service!

Thank you Veterans

Thank YOU for your service!

Last week a Viet Nam vet came into my shop with an old travel alarm clock that wasn’t working.  He told me the (long) story of how he kept this clock with him during two tours of active duty and found its steady, gentle tick comforting with all the chaos around him.  It was still working up until a few weeks ago.  Even though I don’t normally repair travel alarm clocks, I took a quick look at it and found a couple of platform screws that had backed out.  I tightened them and the little old clock came back to life.

I handed it back to the gentleman and said, “No charge — thank you so much for your service”.  His eyes got big (and moist), and he thanked me profusely.  He stood there for a second and said his faith got him through the war in one piece, and that he believes he was “guided” to my shop for a reason.  He reached into his pocket and handed me a prayer card.  Printed on it were the names of several churches and parishes including “OLPH”.  I told him that’s where I went to Parochial school! He said, “See?  I knew it!”

I guess I made his day, and I KNOW he made mine.

Going Cuckoo!

Cuckoo 2

Some days I think I’m going a bit cuckoo!  We had a three day run on nothing but cuckoo clocks coming in for repair.  Everything from tiny ones that just peep, to fancy musical cuckoos that have animated woodchoppers, dancing couples and waterwheels.  They’re fun, but oh boy can they be a challenge to service!

Cuckoo 1

Indoor Tower Clock

Indoor Tower Clock

Indoor tower clock.

Installed a new motor in this indoor “tower” clock in a very exclusive home in Scottsdale today! The face is over 8 feet in diameter. The wood is scaffolding set up in the stairwell to the basement. I LOVE these kinds of jobs!

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Indoor Tower Clock


A Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock

















A Grandfather Clock. A long case clock, also tall-case clock, floor clock, or grandfather clock, is a tall, freestanding, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held inside the tower, or waist of the case. Clocks of this style are commonly 1.8–2.4 meters (6–8 feet) tall. The case often features elaborately carved ornamentation on the hood, or bonnet, which surrounds and frames the dial, or clock face.

The English clockmaker William Clement is credited with the development of this form in 1670.